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Amboni VisitorsAmboni caves are the most extensive limestone caves in East Africa. Formed 150 million years ago. Located 8 km north of Tanga City. The beautiful Amboni caves are the product of limestone formation sculptured by nature through fascinating and various colours depicting an underground wonderful World. Visitors to the cave can get a feeling by going into the cave. A distance of about one kilometer is considered enough to satisfy the visitor’s curiosity. It is daring to walk what is considered to be the whole length of the cave, but no known person has ever discovered the last limits of these natural caves.

Visitors  getting a brief in  the sitting room of the cave before going into the cave a 45 minutes tour Local legend had it that these caves exit at some point north wards close to mountain Kilimanjaro, then head east wards exiting again at the coast. If one goes further than the known limits legends has it that one should be prepared to cross many underground rivers. The mysterious Amboni caves have different geological features, huge open ground with high ceiling where visitors can rest or picnic. A scripture of virgin Mary, New York statue of liberty, ancient animals and paintings, animal foot prints. No doubt Amboni caves  are one of the world’s greatest underground natural wonders, sculptures which have been produced by natural powers of fascinating limestone formation in a wide variety of colours.  

It is a thrill to visit AMBONI CAVES in Tanga Tanzania

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